List of Available Species for the Summer 2018 (Please Place Orders for 3 Gallons)

Species Scientific NamePlugs #
3 Gal #
Bald CypressTaxodium distichum
Bur OakQuercus macrocarpa
Cedar ElmUlmus crassifolia
Lacebark ElmUlmus parvifolia
Live OakQuercus virginiana9,800
Mexican PlumPrunus mexicana
Mexican White OakQuercus polymorpha
Pecan (Native)Carya illinoensis
Pine (Longleaf)Pinus palustris
Red MapleAcer rubrum
Shumard OakQuercus shumardii590
SycamorePlatanus occidentalis
Water OakQuercus nigra
Willow OakQuercus phellos

For TN #2 trees, please contact us for availability & Pricing.