Our seedlings are ideal for planting as liners in container nursery production, for restoring bottomland hardwoods, or for establishing field-grown ornamental tree farms.

Welcome to TerraNative

We founded TerraNative in 2011 to provide excellent native tree seedlings for wetlands restoration and ornamental tree production. We focus on propagating our trees from high quality seeds collected from local sources. The growing facility is located a few miles north of Huntsville, Texas, not far from the original facility known as PrairieTree Farm, which was established in 1999.

Why native seedlings?

Native trees are ideal for wetland restoration and other uses because they are already genetically predisposed to the weather, soils, and other growing conditions of a specific area. Quality native species are the best choice for ideal out planting successes.

Let us help you with your future seedling needs.

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