We founded TerraNative in 2011 to provide excellent native tree seedlings for wetlands restoration and ornamental tree production. We focus on propagating our trees from high quality seeds collected from local sources. The growing facility is located a few miles north of Huntsville, Texas, not far from the original facility known as PrairieTree Farm, which was established in 1999.

Why native seedlings?

Native trees are ideal for wetland restoration and other uses because they are already genetically predisposed to the weather, soils, and other growing conditions of a specific area. Quality native species are the best choice for ideal out planting successes.

Let us help you with your future seedling needs.

With adequate lead time, TerraNative can:

  • Custom collect seeds from future planting sites to enhance the long-term success of the specific project
  • Grow native species not commonly grown by other propagators (depending on seed availability)

Product and Pricing Information.

  • Standard plug size is 5″ deep by 1.4″ diameter
  • Seedlings can be grown using RootMaker ® propagation trays
  • Species availability can vary by season and is dependant on seed availability
  • Total Order Price may vary due to additional services including but not limited to:
    • delivery fees
    • custom seed collection
    • over wintering
    • pick-up date change

Looking for Employment? 

We are constantly growing here at TerraNative and welcome any applicants looking to fill a full time Assistant Grower position. Our hours are from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM. As an Assistant Grower, you will be working either independently or with other Assistant Growers on planting, maintaining, and lifting/ loading our plugs and 3 gallon trees. All new hires are trained on how to carry out each task assigned to them so no prior gardening experience is required, but it is appreciated. By applying for this position, you are agreeing that you are comfortable working outside in extreme weather conditions, are comfortable with repetitive tasks and constant physical activity, and are able to listen, follow directions, and ask questions when needed.

Application Process

Step 1: Fill out the following application and email both the application and your resume to sales@terranative.com.

Employee Application

Step 2: We will reach out to you with a preliminary phone interview within two weeks of your submission.

Step 3: Dependent on the results of the phone interview, we will invite you to TerraNative to do an interview in person and take a tour of the facility.

We thank you for your interest in this position and we look forward to meeting you!